How can you improve your chances naturally when ttc?

This depends on many factors:

🌿 Intercourse frequency. You should have it within a fertile window. Typically one or two times is sufficient when the act occurs in the appropriate time during the month.

🍏 Diet. Diet has a significant impact. There have been a lot of studies on this topic and it appears that women who are on a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fish, whole greens, and vegetables, tend to conceive better and more quickly and moreover, make medical interventions more effective, compared to women who follow a standard American diet.

🌱Lifestyle. You should also be active. Women who exercise on a regular basis are able to respond better to new treatments. Women who smoke and use alcohol usually have to do more work.
Finally, if you optimize your lifestyle, you may actually not require any treatment at all.

🌿 If you are going to use the Internet for research, it may seem confusing and also it may take you down the road and give you advice that will potentially be ineffective to you.
So you should always ask your REI whether the particular natural treatment option is beneficial.

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